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Extract from the Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas for the English Channel, reproduced by kind permission of the UK Hydrographer's Office.

The original page is 9 inches wide, one of a set of 13 chartlets printed together in a booklet. Each chartlet covers the same area, which is about 350 miles across, but shows a different time before or after high water in Dover. Dover is at the narrowest point of the Dover Straits, in the north-east corner of the page. This chartlet shows tidal stream currents 4 hours before the time of high water.

A short thin arrow shows a weak tidal stream; a fatter and usually longer one shows a faster one.

The numbers (for example 11.20) give the average speed of the current at neap and spring tide. In our example, the rate at neap tide is 1.1 knots and at spring tide is 2.0 knots.


Page from tidal stream atlas in high res



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