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Gifts for sea kayakers

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Gifts for sea kayakers


Sea-theme necklace by OrshiKayarchy T-shirts, bags, etc

Kayarchy has its own range of T-shirts, hoodies, bags, cushions, mugs, stickers, journals and notebooks - click here to find out more.

Crafts, jewellery, etc

Do you make hats, T-shirts, greetings cards or jewellery with a maritime theme? Set out your stall here, free. Send in an image of your product(s) as a JPG or GIF of up to 280 pixels wide by 210 high, and up to 10 kb; a description in up to 12 words; typical price; typical cost of delivery; and your website URL or e-mail address. Ours is at Get In Touch.

We particularly like products that are durable and made with renewable resources, and/or likely to make people identify more strongly with the coastal environment.

Kayaking and environmental books

We're also very happy to put up a photo and brief description (see above) of self-published books with a "kayaking" or "marine environment" theme.

• Qajaq USA sells some sea kayaking books and publications including "The Little Kayak Book" by John Brand. Order online from www.qajaqusa.org
• Anybody else? As for gifts, send in a 280 px by 210 px JPG or GIF, a brief description, price and your website URL or e-mail address, and we'll list it here. One condition - the book must encourage responsible sea kayaking and/or environmental awareness.

For a list of some specialist commercial publishers, see Books & Magazines. See also Paul Caffyn's list of many past and present books relevant to sea kayaking.






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